The Dark Theurge is a shade found in the Deep Roads beneath Vigil's Keep.

Background Edit

The shade was bound to its location by united Avvar and dwarves. The Avvars most likely used blood magic to bind it.[1]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The shade is first encountered upon entering the Forbidden Chamber area of Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads. It is aided by skeletons and attacks the party. When the fight is over, the shade becomes docile, and does not attack. However, once the Warden-Commander activates the Strange Apparatus, the door behind the shade opens, and it exits the area to disappear in the corridor.

It is encountered again before the Warden-Commander leaves the Deep Roads. After the Ogre commander is killed, the Dark Theurge reappears and brings the ogre back to life in spirit form.

It is last seen entering the Avvar Crypt in Vigil's Keep basement. Once the door is open, the Warden-Commander may choose to enter the crypt as well. Once inside, the shade brings Avvar Lords back to life. When the walking dead are vanquished, the journal updates, stating that perhaps this time the Dark Theurge perished.

Abilities Edit

In order of usage probability (100% to 20%):
Spell-Weakness icon Weakness
Lightning Lightning
Spells-ArcaneBolt Arcane Bolt
Spell-ManaDrain icon Mana Drain
Spell-Stonefist icon Stonefist
Shock icon Shock
Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning
Spell-ManaClash icon Mana Clash
Arcane Field icon Arcane Field
Resistances are similar to arcane horror, i.e. cold immunity and high spell resistance.

Notes Edit

  • It is possible that the Dark Theurge is the result of Ruadan's possession.

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References Edit

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