The Cult of Andraste is a War table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Available at the War table in the Chantry in Haven.

Note: this operation cannot be completed after moving to Skyhold

Operation Text

Before the Fifth Blight and the arrival of the Hero of Ferelden, Haven was occupied by cultists who worshipped a Dragon—one they believed to be Andraste reborn. Both the cultists and their dragon were long gone by the time the Chantry arrived to build the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but there may still be undiscovered passages in the mountains containing their relics. With a concerted search effort, it might be possible to unearth something useful to the Inquisition.


Leliana, Cullen

It’s incredible how many passages remained undiscovered even after the Chantry’s arrival, and they scoured every inch of these mountains for years in search of anything related to the Sacred Ashes. The cult didn’t build all of this; it was here long before, and who knows how many years it would take to find it all?

Of the new passages uncovered during the search, most were long empty or contained goods far beyond salvage. A few, however, yielded some artifacts of interest… And one evidently contains strange runes we have yet to translate. If we can find someone capable of doing so, they might prove useful.


Josephine: N/A

Leliana/Cullen: Lifeward Amulet

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