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The Crown and Lion is an inn in the City of Amaranthine.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The owners of the Crown and Lion are involved in some shady dealings with the smugglers. Specifically, they provide under payment a second entrance to an underground cove which is the smugglers' hideout. The Crown and Lion is also the last place the Grey Warden Kristoff was seen after leaving Vigil's Keep the night before the darkspawn assault.


The Assault on Amaranthine The Assault on Amaranthine

Blight Orfans Notis Bord Blight Orfans Notis Bord

Last Wishes Last Wishes

Shadows of the Blackmarsh Shadows of the Blackmarsh

Sigrun's Roguish Past Sigrun's Roguish Past

Smuggler's Run Smuggler's Run

Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part

Crown and Lion as seen in Warden's Fall.



  • Bartender: He is involved in the Smuggler's Run quest.
  • Innkeeper: He gives info about Kristoff as well as his room key and mentions the darkspawn threat if he is asked for news.
  • Nida and her friend: She is the wife of Keenan, an Orlesian Grey Warden.
  • Mischa: A female dwarf who works for a tanner and is involved in Sigrun's Roguish Past.
  • Sorcha: A waitress. She can be asked for more information about Kristoff.
  • Patrons: Their intoxicated discussions are about who's stronger between Andraste and Archdemon, about their health problems and about rioting against the "nosy guards".


  • Ferret - a ferret that explodes, when killed

Notable items[]

The Crown and Lion sign

Inn Key Inn Key

Oil Oil

Spirit Cord Spirit Cord

Codex entry: Kristoff's Journal Codex entry: Kristoff's Journal

Codex entry: A Letter from Aura Codex entry: A Letter from Aura

Elemental Poison Recipe Elemental Poison Recipe

Elemental Grenade Recipe Elemental Grenade Recipe

Notable gifts for companions:

Kristoff's Mementos Kristoff's Mementos

Mackay's Epic Single Malt Mackay's Epic Single Malt

Unique items sold by the bartender:

Fingers of the Nimble Fingers of the Nimble

Fleet Feet Fleet Feet

Misery Misery

Voice of Velvet Voice of Velvet

Intensifying Rune Tracing Intensifying Rune Tracing

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