The quest The Cousland Treasury occurs during the Human Noble Origin story. Eleanor Cousland provides the Human Noble with the key to the Treasury with the idea that it contains weapons that can be used against Arl Howe's men during their attack on Castle Cousland.

Walkthrough Edit

After exiting the bedroom area of Castle Cousland during the attack by Howe's men, a conversation with your mother is initiated. Choose "What should we do?" followed by "Is there nothing else we can do?" to receive the quest.

Alternately, you can simply activate the treasury door and your mother will mention the Family Sword and hand over the key to the locked door.

Travel down the hall and try to persuade the servant to stand and fight with you. After clearing out the enemies, unlock the treasury door. You can loot an armor stand, weapon rack, and family chest. Looting the chest completes the quest.

Rewards Edit

The family chest contains:

Plt ico family sword Family Sword
Ico shield kitemetal Shield of Highever
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