Am I to be summoned at the griping of a handful of lazy peasants?

The Cheery Baron is an Orlesian Noble who lives in Serault. He was a good friend of the previous Marquise of Serault, the mother of the current Marquis, and they often hunted together. This however led to rumours of impropriety between the two.

Quests Edit

Basic action cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Baron Waits Impatiently

Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Baron's Rejection

Limited pinned cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Martyr

Involvement Edit

The Cheery Baron manages to capture the Elusive Iconoclast outside one of his hunting lodges and hands her over to the Marquis of Serault for judgement.

Available actions Edit


Go hunting with the Baron
People mistake his cheer for ignorance. They're wrong: nothing happens in his fief without him knowing, and he has a keen nose for intrigue.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*60/Freedom
Success: +7 clues
Fail: +3 Clues


Give him the names and locations of revolutionary sympathisers
He knows what to do...
-(100-Rumors of Revolution) in Clues, -10 Rumors of Revolution


Learn how to win his favor
(Requires Freedom > 20)
He's always liked you, but that doesn't mean he makes things easy on you.
He requests you reduce Freedom


Attend one of his feasts
(Requires Freedom < 21)
He doesn't respect anyone who doesn't have appetites the rival of his own.
-1 Viand, +1 Favor


Invite him to become your counselor
He's a firm hand, and his soldiers will be useful - wily hunters and grim veterans every one.
-3 Favor, Baron becomes Counselor with +20 Derring-Do

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