The Chantry Remains is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Complete the quest The Threat Remains.

Note: this operation cannot be completed after moving to Skyhold

Operation Text

The confrontation with Mother Hevara in the Val Royeaux market had the desired effect—to a point. The Chantry’s condemnation of the Inquisition was lost amid a flurry of speculation over the actions of Lord Seeker Lucius, as well as a divide in the opinions of the remaining Chantry clerics. There are, however, clerics still loudly denouncing the Herald of Andraste. The Inquisition could leave them to their speeches, but dealing with them before the Chantry elects a new Divine could be of benefit.



Diplomacy won the day. The clerics chosen to receive aid have been most appreciative, and have successfully drowned out our detractors. This caused an internal struggle—clerics hiring thugs to kill other clerics; I was forced to intervene. Such despicable behavior from those who aspire to the Sunburst Throne. The mood in the Grand Cathedral is tense, but for now the Chantry can be counted our political ally.



It is done. I needed only a few examples, clerics who both spoke against the Inquisition and had unsavory secrets they were desperate to keep hidden. One even attempted to kill the agent who spoke to her, and the agent was forced to kill her in self defense. That went further than I would have liked, and may stiffen the Chantry’s resolve to oppose us in the long run, but for now they are cowed and can be counted our political allies.



Some Chantry clerics were openly appreciative once Inquisition soldiers arrived at the Grand Cathedral. Without the templars, they’ve resorted to mercenaries to protect Chantry property from looting. Other clerics, however, fled in terror, assuming we were coming either to arrest or kill them. These are no longer a problem, and those who remain should provide valuable political support.



Any advisor: 30 Influence, Cassandra Approves

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