The Chant in the Deeps is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Brother Burkel in Orzammar Commons is standing near the exit to Dust Town. After speaking to him he reveals that he wants to bring the message of the Maker to the dwarves of Orzammar by opening a Chantry in the dwarven kingdom.

However, in order to do so, he requires permission from the Shaperate as this institution is responsible for handling such requests. Even if the Warden can initially refuse to his request, this quest can start at any time by initiating again a conversation with Brother Burkel unless the Warden is outrightly rude to the brother.

Refusing[edit | edit source]

If you do not want to help Brother Burkel and want to complete the quest rightaway, pick the following options:

  • First response: Any response.
  • Second response: "Don’t dwarves worship their ancestors or something?"
    • "Why would we want a human chantry in Orzammar?" (if the Warden is dwarf)
  • Third response: "That’s their religion. You shouldn't interfere."
    • "It's tradition. It's what we are." (if the Warden is Dwarf Noble)
    • "No one worships my ancestors. My ancestors were nothing." (if the Warden is Dwarf Commoner
  • Fourth response: "You think you can show everyone the way? Presumptuous fool."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest choices in Dragon Age Keep

  • Speak with Brother Burkel and obtain the quest. Agree to talk to the Shaper.
    • If Leliana is in the party Ico Appr Heart.png Leliana approves (+2)
    • If Sten is in the party:
      • If you ask Brother Burkel why he would want a human Chantry in Orzammar then Sten speaks about the Qun. Ico DisAppr Heart.png Sten disapproves (-5) but if you can persuade him there is no approval change.
      • If you do not ask about the Chantry then Sten does not speak but Ico DisAppr Heart.png Sten disapproves (-5)
  • Travel to the Orzammar Shaperate, located in the east of the Diamond Quarter.
  • Talk to Shaper of Memories Czibor. The Warden can use persuasion or intimidation (both require Expert Coercion), or use instead Cunning (this option requires Improved Coercion). These three options lead to the same point: Brother Burkel will be allowed to preach.
Note: If you are unable to persuade Shaper Czibor (no coercion or cunning options possible), then return to Brother Burkel and tell him about it. He will accept the fact and the quest will end. No experience points are awarded.
  • Return to Brother Burkel and talk to him.

Result[edit | edit source]

If successful, Brother Burkel is delighted with the result and invites the Warden to attend his first meeting in the newly formed Orzammar Chantry.

  • 100 XP.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

  • In the epilogue it is revealed that Brother Burkel's chantry attracted many converts among the dwarves. However, this causes problems. The Chantry followers are attacked and Brother Burkel is killed. After this, the Chantry considers leading an Exalted March against the dwarves. This outcome is seen regardless of who takes the throne.

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