For the quest of the same name, see The Bone Pit (quest).

The Bone Pit is a large quarry outside of Kirkwall. It consists of several mazelike caverns and mines, such as the Bone Pit Mines and the Drakestone Mines.

Background Edit

The Bone Pit, known as the Maharian Quarry, was once controlled by the Tevinter Imperium. During this time, slave labor was used, as with most of the Imperium. One noteworthy Overseer of the quarry had slaves fed to his dragonlings, presumably as a punishment. Some worried that the deaths in the mine had thinned the Veil. It was at this time that it acquired the name "Bone Pit."


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In Act 1, Hawke receives a letter from Hubert, an Orlesian Hightown merchant. Hubert offers Hawke a reward for finding why production in the quarry has stopped. Hawke finds that the quarry has been overrun by dragons, released from a cavern during mining, who have slaughtered many of the workers. Hawke clears out the mine and returns to Hubert, who offers Hawke a partnership in the quarry as a reward. If Hawke accepts, they convince the miners to return to work.

During Act 2, Hubert will mention that there is a pest infestation at The Bone Pit and ask Hawke to investigate. When they travel to the Bone Pit, Hawke will find Jansen, the miner rescued during Act 1. He alerts Hawke to troubles in the Bone Pit, which Hawke can resolve to improve production of the mines.

In Act 3, Hawke returns to find the Bone Pit scorched, the workers slaughtered by a high dragon. Upon slaying the dragon and returning to Hubert, Hubert declares he is tired of dealing with the quarry, at which point Hawke can ask for it as payment.

Places Edit

Bone pit icon Bone Pit Mines, Bone Pit Ledge
Bone pit icon Rotting Cave
Bone pit icon Drakestone Mines

Quests Edit

Act 1:

Quest icon DA2 The Bone Pit - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Herbalist's Tasks - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Remains of the Outlaw "Bearded Beast" - a "fetch" quest

Act 2:

Quest icon DA2 Cave Crawling - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Cavern of Dead - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Pick Up Pickaxes - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Forbidden Knowledge - a side quest
Quest icon DA2 Wentworth's Sixth Finger - a "fetch" quest

Act 3:

Quest icon DA2 Mine Massacre - a secondary quest
Quest icon DA2 Justice - a companion quest for Anders

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Notable items Edit

Plot items Edit

Plot item DA2 Dragon's Fang

Crafting resources Edit

Main article: Supplier

The resources listed below can be obtained in the outside area. Resources found in caves are listed on respective pages.

Act 1:

Elfroot DA2 Elfroot on the far east end of the map.

Act 2:

Deathroot DA2 Deathroot on the right near the entrance.
Glitterdust Glitterdust in front of the second mine entrance toward the east.

Act 3:

Dragon's Blood Dragon's Blood collected from the High Dragon's corpse during Mine Massacre.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Nevarra
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Bone Pit
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Enigma of Kirkwall (Act 1)

Notes Edit

  • After completing one of Jansen's secondary quests, you have to leave the area and come back to get the next quest.

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