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The Black Vials are a set of six small glass phylacteries scattered around Ferelden. The area around them is unnaturally cold and dark shapes swirl about a slip of paper within each vial. If the Warden obtains one of the vials, the glass will fracture and release a revenant. Upon its defeat, each revenant will drop a scrap of vellum that updates Codex entry: The Black Vials.


The vials may be taken in any order.


  • Cale Viazagat, The First Corpse Walker:
    • Toppled Statue in the desecrated chapel in the Senior Mage Quarters. The phylactery can either be collected during the Broken Circle questline or anytime afterwards.
  • Nethamas Bigal, The Second Corpse Walker:
  • Argruth Massaad, The Third Corpse Walker:
    • A glass phylactery found near the center of Caridin's Cross (see map to right).
Map BlackVials4

Location of the third Corpse Walker: Expand thumbnail to see yellow dot marking location.

  • Quametha Kagat, The Fourth Corpse Walker:
    • A glass phylactery found in the far bottom room on the right side of the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Forest. The glass phylactery is directly in front upon entering and resembles a pile of filth with two vases sticking out of it.
  • Shamas Goodson, The Fifth Corpse Walker:
    • A glass phylactery found in the top left room of the Werewolf Lair (situated in the middle of the map).
  • Anton Wither, The Sixth Corpse Walker:
    • A glass phylactery found during one of the Back Alley random encounters while in Denerim. In this encounter, the Warden starts out on a stone platform up a set of steps, the glass phylactery can be seen on the same platform. This is the same encounter area during which bandits trap one of the Warden's party members by dropping a portcullis that must be lifted using a lever.
      Note: This vial can only be found during this one and only random encounter, so be sure to pick it up!

A Corpse Walker: revenant and perversion.


XP and loot dropped by revenants:

Dead Coat of Arms Dead Coat of Arms
Emerald Ring Emerald Ring

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Black Vials Codex entry: The Black Vials