The Black Fox's Jerkin is a unique medium chestpiece from the Rogue Item Pack DLC for Dragon Age II.

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Found in a chest either at the Hawke Estate or in Gamlen's House, depending on the act.

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During the merriest part of the night in any tavern in the lands, odds are good you'll hear one of the many tales of the Black Fox. A scoundrel and a hero, the Black Fox's misadventures took him and his band throughout Thedas. He's blamed for many thefts, a few murders, a revolution, and almost a kingdom-wide civil war, but every one of his deeds were designed to thwart tyranny and oppression. The final tale of the Black Fox tells of him and his band searching for the sunken city of the elves deep in the forest of Arlathan, where he parted with this jerkin in a less than voluntary manner.
—From Codex entry: The Black Fox's Jerkin

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