The Battle at Fort Drakon is the fifth and final main quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Archdemon has been wounded by the Grey Warden Riordan and is injured. Aid your master by slaying those who would strike it down.

Protect the Archdemon[edit | edit source]

After completing Rampage to Fort Drakon, the Hurlock Vanguard and other Darkspawn arrive at the Fort Drakon Entrance. Hurlocks, Genlocks and a Blight wolf are crowded outside the gates, allowing you to enthrall whichever spawn you choose for the final battle. Riordan's corpse can be found in front of the left ramp and can be looted for treasure. Pass through the gate to travel directly to the rooftop of Fort Drakon. The north side of the rooftop has been fenced off so the Archdemon will not leave the south-west corner of the rooftop.

The Archdemon's health can drop fairly quickly as it will be under constant attack. If you retain a Hurlock Emissary in your party you can use its Heal spell to restore some of the Archdemon's health buying you valuable time to eliminate the opposition. Enemy Werewolves will continually arrive on the rooftop to attack you and the Archdemon and can become a problem if enough of them accumulate. Ensure their numbers are kept under control.

Alistair, Ferelden's last Grey Warden

Alistair is the most heavily armoured opponent and will take longer to kill than his companions, so eliminating Leliana and Morrigan first, then Barkspawn will reduce the amount of damage being inflicted on the Archdemon. Once the other companions have been eliminated, focus your attacks on Alistair. Make good use of attacks which temporarily disable the enemy from attacking such as Overwhelm and Grab to prevent enemies attacking the Archdemon.

Once Alistair is defeated, he will be killed by the Hurlock Vanguard as the Archdemon takes to the sky. The Darkspawn are now the masters of Ferelden.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Blightblood Blightblood (Origins)

Blightblood Blightblood (Awakening)

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