The Ballad of Lord Woolsley is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A young man is distraught that his family's special ram, Lord Woolsley, has wandered off. He is offering a reward for the ram's return.

Acquisition Edit

To obtain this quest talk with One-Eyed Jimmy in Redcliffe Village about his missing ram, Lord Woolsley. You must have completed The Lone Warden quest before this one is available.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the marked area on the map and look for an unusually colored ram. Approach it and the quest will complete. Return to One-Eyed Jimmy for additional XP and Influence rewards.

If Lord Woolsley is killed, his true identity is revealed; a rage demon will spawn in his place. The rage demon scales to the party's average level.

Note: Lord Woolsley cannot be killed once he returns to Redcliffe Village.

Rewards Edit

Locating Lord Woolsley yields

  • 177 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Power

Returning to One-Eyed Jimmy (if Lord Woolsley is not killed) yields

  • 44 XP
  • 40 Influence

Approval Edit

DAIApproval Cole Approves (only if the quest is turned in to One-Eyed Jimmy; Cole does not have to be in the active party)

Notes Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Demon woolsley

The demon

The masquerading rage demon always drops:

Ram Leather icon Ram Leather (5)
Common Belt Icon Belt of Fire Resistance

When killed, the journal updates: "Lord Woolsley was defeated. The ram's owner must never learn the terrible truth." only if the quest is active - One-Eyed Jimmy will no longer talk with the Inquisitor from this point on; though Lord Woolsley will keep spawning in the same area and dropping the same items.

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