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The Awakening is a main quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, and the name of the overarching quest line of the expansion campaign.


Unravel the mystery behind the sapient darkspawn

  • The leader of the attack on Vigil's Keep was more cunning than any darkspawn ever encountered. Seneschal Varel, Captain Garevel, and Mistress Woolsey are all knowledgeable about the region's affairs, and may be able to offer leads relating to darkspawn activity.

Speak to Captain Garevel

  • Captain Garevel is in charge of the Vigil's defense. he may know something about the darkspawn attacks.

Speak to Seneschal Varel

  • Varel, the Seneschal of Vigil's Keep, said he needed to speak to you about urgent business. He will be inside the keep attending to its operation.

Speak to Mistress Woolsey

Fight the darkspawn army

  • A vast darkspawn army is attacking the Arling, unless the Grey Wardens can defeat them, none of the people you have been entrusted to protect will survive.


Quests that can be done in any order

Note: The next location to visit for all three quests (and, appears at this point on the world map) is the City of Amaranthine, so be sure to activate all of them before leaving the throne room.

Following quests


  • pcpc The quest that requires you to speak to Mistress Woolsey will appear to be incomplete in the quest log even though you have already spoken to her and obtained The Righteous Path quest. As of PC V1.05, this is still prevalent. Talk with Seneschal Varel after Oaths of Fealty ceremony and ask about Kristoff again. This will update the quest journal properly. To prevent the bug from the start, talk to Mistress Woolsey first, and then, the other two.


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