The Arrival of the Divine is a Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after all 7 Market Day cards have been used.

Description Edit

Thirty sweet voices lift in song. Mirror-clear, delicate as saffron. The sound of the Divine's personal attendants, hand-picked from the Chantry's finest choristers. She has arrived!

From your window you watch her procession snake through the streets of Serault Town. At its head rides the Divine, reaching down into the crowd to bestow blessings on the poor, the stricken and the lame.

Behind her comes the coiling body of advisors, bodyguards and hangers-on. Tight-lipped Templars and blinking scholars. Liveried emissaries. Solemn sisters and stiff-backed Revered Mothers. An august company, their steeds caparisoned in deep crimson and blazing gold!

There is no red for the ones that come next. No gold. Their smocks are brown from the road-dust. They have no horses, but lead plodding donkeys. They are the serpent's tail: a winding train of baggage and servants that stretches out beyond the town walls.

Note: The goal of the feast is to gain as much Divine's Favor as possible in order to re-establish Serault's dignity.

Available actions Edit


Begin the feast
It is time to face the judgement of the Divine.
All is Ready

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