I do not seek to rule my brethren. I only seek to release them from their chains.

The Architect is a darkspawn emissary and seemingly, the first darkspawn to develop a will of its own. It is unusual in that it does not appear to be subject to the call of the Old Gods, nor to other darkspawn compulsions.


Normally, the Architect shows a calm, polite personality. However, it is shown to be cold, decisive, and pragmatic, carrying out its plans even if that means sacrificing its allies. Although it is highly intelligent, the Architect has little understanding of other races.



This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

After the events of The Calling, the Architect learned how to free other darkspawn from the group mind and give them independent wills and intelligence, by having them intake Grey Warden blood in a process he likens to the Joining. In his discussions about its goals with the Warden Commander in Awakening, it does not mention his previous plan to force other races to take in the taint, and appears to instead wish to give Warden blood to all the darkspawn in order to give them self-control and free them from the call of the Old Gods.


Dragon Age: The Calling


Dragon Age: Awakening

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

In Awakening, the Warden-Commander first encounters the Architect in the Silverite Mine. It is accompanied by Utha from The Calling, and Velanna's sister, Seranni, from the Wending Wood. Upon entering the mine, the Architect puts the Warden and the party to sleep and imprisons them. When the Warden and the party next awake, they are stripped of their possessions and must escape. As the party is about to finally escape, the Architect flees the mine.

The second encounter with the Architect is near the end of the game. This time, it proposes to the Warden-Commander to work together for the greater purpose of preventing future Blights. Since The Calling, it has learned that the blood of a Grey Warden can disrupt the connection between the darkspawn and the Old Gods, and if all the darkspawn are exposed to the blood of a Grey Warden, they will be unable to begin a Blight.

If the Warden-Commander doesn't side with the Architect, they will have to kill him and Utha. It drops Robes of the Architect and Belt of the Architect upon defeat.

If the Warden-Commander sides with the Architect, at the final battle, the Mother will reveal that the Architect's botched attempt at making Urthemiel into a disciple led to the Fifth Blight.


  • Cataclysysm
  • Glyph of Neutralization
  • Misdirection Hex
  • Affiction Hex
  • Drain Life
  • Flare

Dragon Age II

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

The Architect is mentioned in passing by Nathaniel Howe when Hawke is tasked with retracing the route of his Deep Roads expedition in order to look for his party. If the Architect was spared by the Warden-Commander, the Wardens' sources promised that, thanks to the continued existence of the Architect, the Deep Roads would still be clear, allowing safe analysis of the thaig that Hawke's expedition found. If the Architect was killed by The Warden, Nathaniel doesn't mention who is responsible for providing aid and information to the Wardens. Either way, upon arrival, the Wardens' party is overwhelmed.

If the Warden-Commander chose to ally with the Architect in Awakening, Anders warns Hawke not to agree to help Janeka try and control Corypheus, as they are still unsure about the consequences of siding with the Architect. If the Warden-Commander chose to kill the Architect, Anders mentions this to Hawke as a point worth noting, stating that the Warden-Commander knew the Architect to be too dangerous and that deals cannot be made with the darkspawn.


Ico armor robe Robes of the Architect
Ico belt Belt of the Architect


  • "I have told you many times, Mother, I am not "the Father". I am simply the Architect."
  • (To the Mother) It was a mistake to free you. It has left you with madness. I am truly sorry.
  • "So you are the commander of the Grey Wardens."
  • "I apologize for what I must do. I do not wish to be your enemy."
  • "I do not seek to rule my brethren. I only seek to release them from their chains."
  • "I was born as I am, an outsider amongst my kind. Why? I do not know."
  • "Ah, there it is then. Unfortunate. I did find the Old God Urthemiel. But I did not wish another Blight".
  • "My hope was that this would free all darkspawn, unravel the curse from its source. Alas, I was unlucky".
  • "Is it not the way of the Grey Wardens to do what must be done, in the name of combating the Blight? The Blight is a menace, both for your people and for mine. To end it requires sacrifice and risk.
  • Warden-Commander: "Stealing Grey Warden blood is perverse!"
  • The Architect: "I had thought it was no different than your order taking the blood of my kind in your Joinings. We all do what we must in response to the Blight."


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