The Archdemon is a mosaic collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mosaic Pieces icon

Pieces of an old Tevinter mosaic are scattered across the Approach. If recovered, they could be reassembled.


Triggers when any mosaic piece from this collection is found.


The mosaic pieces are found across the Western Approach in the following locations; the pieces are numbered to match the reference image:

  1. In Sand Rock Mine near the red lyrium vein
  2. Outside of Still Ruins
  3. In Echo Back Fort, past Coracavus inside the area between the Gate of Andoral and the Gates of Toth. The Mosaic piece will be located at the back of the fort under the tented section.
  4. In the cave in the Western Approach, south of Nazaire's Pass Camp. The cave becomes accessible once the Abyssal High Dragon is killed. The rock blocking the entrance can also be broken by a warrior using Grappling Chain. Moving around the statue in the cave in the left direction brings you first to Piece #4
  5. Same location as #4. Moving around the statue in the cave in the right direction brings you first to Piece #5
  6. In the cave at the end of On the Chantry Trail
  7. In the astrarium cave
  8. Under Griffon Wing Keep in the Old Well, near the keep's landmark.
  9. In a cave containing The Thing in the Dark statue. The cave is in Death Drink Springs due east of Griffon Wing Keep and requires the war table operation Crossing the Sulphur Pits to be completed.
  10. Beneath the final platform after climbing down the Hidden Stairway landmark near Craggy Ridge Camp
  11. In the Lost Wash Creek Cave (called Oasis Cave on the map) near Lost Idol landmark
  12. Travel to Echo Back Canyon Camp, move out from camp, passing stair with two pillars. Once outside, go southwest a little until two tents visible. Mosaic pieces is in second tent.

Reference Image

Archdemon numbers


  • Collecting each mosaic piece yields:
    • 50 XP
  • Recovering all 12 pieces yields:
    • 200 Influence


  • The completed mosaic can be viewed on the north wall behind Gatsi who is standing to the right close to Skyhold's main entrance.

Codex entry


pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3ps4Icon ps4xboxoneXbox one icon After collecting all 12 pieces of The Archdemon mosaic, one piece may remain missing from the mosaic displayed on the interior wall at Skyhold. However, the Inquisitor can still talk with Gatsi to collect the codex entry as if the mosaic was completed.

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