The Antivan Garrote is a belt for Dragon Age II.

Description Edit

As legendary as these so-called 'Crows' are, why is it you keep finding their stuff for sale? Is it that they need the money? Sure, that's a fine assassin–needing to palm off his belt for poisons and what-not. The only other possibility is if someone knicked it off one of the dead buggers. So who wants to hire these awe-inspiring assassins? Either their britches keep falling down or they've got dozens of dead mates that keep keeling over. I grant you, this is a magnificent belt–best I've seen. But I'd downplay this whole Crow malarkey.

Acquisition Edit

  • This belt was a BioWare Store pre-order bonus.
  • As of December 2012, this item can be unlocked for free by anyone with a Bioware Social Network account. See here for more information.
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