"Peons," she remarks, "are experts largely in the matter of mud. I will seek their counsel when I require assistance with mud. Or " - and something ignites in her eyes - "in the matter of arson and murder."

The Acerbic Dowager is the widow of a former vassal of Serault who was apparently overthrown by his subjects. The previous Marquis, mother of the current ruler, gave her sanctuary at their Château.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Acerbic Dowager was once a scholar as she collected letters, journals, and edicts written by Orlais' emperors and empresses.

She is known to be a direct and decisive counselor.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: The Last Court.

If the Dowager encounters Carver Hawke...

The Dowager brings Carver Hawke, brother of Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall, before the Marquis of Serault.

The Dowager falls ill several days before the arrival of Divine Justinia V. Eventually the Marquis discovers that she has been poisoned by one of her ladies in waiting with Wyvern poison. The Marquis tracks down and slays a Wyvern to create an anti-venom and saves the Dowager's life.

As she is returning from her prayers at the Chantry, the Dowager is pelted with dung by a pair of peasants. In a fury she has them apprehended and brought before the Marquis for judgment.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Basic action cards[edit | edit source]

The Dowager Steps Forward The Dowager Steps Forward

Event cards[edit | edit source]

The Dowager's Departure The Dowager's Departure

Market Day cards[edit | edit source]

Blown in on the Wind Blown in on the Wind

Limited pinned cards[edit | edit source]

The Dowager's Decline The Dowager's Decline

The Dowager's Fury The Dowager's Fury

Divine's Feast cards[edit | edit source]

Grant a Petition Grant a Petition

Available actions[edit | edit source]


Take wine with the Dowager
She's canny, critical, and has a surfeit of spare time. No human failing escapes her notice.
+(3 to 5) clues


Dine with the Dowager
(Requires Dignity > 50)
As Serault grows in sophistication, she has settled at the centre of a web of social engagements and privileged connections.
+(5 to 7) Clues


Listen to her tales of long-dead Emperors
Three cups of Serault cider loosens her tongue. She was quite the scholar before she married, collecting letters, journals, and edicts written by Orlais' emperors and empresses.
-(Rulership) in Clues, +3 Rulership


Flatter her with gifts
She has a soft spot for animals. A swift merlin or soft-furred marten might improve her disposition.
-5 Bags of Royals, +1 Favor


Invite her to become your counselor
She is accustomed to rule. Her counsel will be direct and decisive.
-2 Favor, Dowager becomes Counselor with +20 Rulership


Ask the Dowager to visit a recalcitrant vassal
(Requires Dowager as Counselor)
She sniffs. "I do not travel well. But if you deem it important, I will bear the discomfort in silence."
+1 Rulership, +10 Clue, +22 Dignity, +Authority

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