Thaulid Hammerspur is a smith from Orzammar.

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He was familiar with the state of the art, of course; as an artificer making a name for himself in Orzammar, he had access to the typically robust record-keeping of the forges. He knew of the Drunkard's Cinch and the Pouchpaw. But there was no poetry to them, no lineage. They were parlor tricks, the domain of hawkers and pawns. He wanted a belt whose buckle gleamed with purpose, but what purpose? He worked on it from time to time, waiting for inspiration to strike. In the meantime, he needed something to keep his pants above the knee; he might as well wear the damned thing.

And he did so, until (after an especially memorable night at Tapster's Tavern) he managed to fall into his own forge. Shoveling out his remains, they found among the grey ashes his belt, somehow mercifully preserved.

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  • Thaulid Hammerspur, may also have a connection to the Thorn of a Dead God as each item notes its creator fell into his own forge.

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