Thanks From a Chantry Sister is a War table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Acquired after completing the operation Diverting Soldiers in the Frostbacks with Josephine.

Operation text Edit

Inquisitor [surname],

You may not remember me. I stayed at Skyhold for a time and later accompanied some injured soldiers to Ferelden. Our journey was more perilous than expected, and I only live write this thanks to the aid of the Inquisition.

I have little to offer, but if I may help the Inquisition in some small way, you have only to ask.

Sister Paulette

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 4:00:00 Edit

I could arrange to transfer Sister Paulette to the Chantry in Denerim. Having a reliable ally in the capital's Chantry could prove valuable.

Leliana - 3:12:00 Edit

Sister Paulette showed bravery and kindness in staying with the injured soldiers. She has already done more than was asked. Let her remain with her fellow sisters in peace.

Cullen - 4:00:00 Edit

Some soldiers in Crestwood wish to establish a place of prayer at the keep. Sister Paulette could assist.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Inquisitor [surname],

I have joined my sisters in Denerim's Chantry. It is grander than the Chantry in my former village; I believe I can do some good here.

I founded a charity to aid those the Breach and the Fade rifts impacted. I tell all who ask that the Inquisition made this possible.

Maker's blessings upon you.

Sister Paulette

Leliana Edit

Inquisitor [surname],

These humble lips will always praise the Inquisition. You ask for nothing, but please accept this small token as my thanks.

Sister Paulette

Cullen Edit

Inquisitor [surname],

Prayer cannot save you in the midst of battle, but it can restore the spirit after. If I may offer even the smallest comfort to the soldiers in Crestwood, I am pleased to do so.

Sister Paulette

Rewards Edit

Josephine / Cullen Edit

  • 60 Influence

Leliana Edit

  • 60 Gold
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