Thalsian is the first Neromenian dreamer and First Priest of Dumat. He is credited with bringing worship of the Old Gods to Tevinter.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Thalsian is the first person known to wield blood magic (circa -1595 Ancient), claiming to learn the art after personally communicating with Dumat.[2] Mages of the Imperial Chantry today argue that it is more likely that the blood magic was learned from the ancient elves of Elvhenan but there is no direct evidence of either stance being true.[3] It may even have been that Thalsian or another mage simply made a deal with a demon.[4]

The Chantry lore claims that Thalsian was the first Archon and first of the Magisters of the Tevinter Imperium who used blood magic to attain great power, declared himself a ruler of the Empire and established the first temples dedicated to the Old Gods.[5][6] According to other sources, it was Darinius who became the first Archon and united the Neromenian kingdoms into the Imperium in -1195 Ancient. Darinius established the Magisterium from the priesthood and named Thalsian an honorary Archon, four hundred years after the latters death.[7][8]

In Threnodies 6, Thalsian is described as one of the oracles of the Neromenian king Antoridus. In the war against the Inghirsh, the Neromenian oracles asked the Maker for victory.[9] The portents that the Maker revealed, however, told that victory would not be theirs to claim. Thalsian, however, turned to a demon of the Fade instead. The demon agreed to grant Antoridus victory, if the king would offer him oxens and horses as sacrifices and forsake the Maker. In the following war for dominance, the other human tribes were forced to abandon the Maker as well and turned to worship demons.[10]

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