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Thalsian was the First Priest of Dumat and the king of Neromenian around -1595 Ancient. He is said to be the First Dreamer and the first blood mage. He is also credited with popularizing worship of the Old Gods and creating the mage ruling class of Tevinter.[1]


Thalsian was the first known person to wield blood magic, claiming to have learned the art after personally communicating with Dumat in visions.[2] Mages of the Imperial Chantry now argue that blood magic was more likely learned from the elves of Arlathan[3] while other sources claim that blood magic came from dealing with the Forbidden Ones.[4] Whatever their source, Thalsian used his powers to declare himself king of Neromenian and establish temples to Dumat, spreading worship of the Old Gods throughout the region. Thalsian took on many pupils, who went on to found the noble houses that continue to rule Tevinter to this day. As such, he is also credited for the creation of Tevinter's mage ruling class.[1]

According to the sixth stanza of the Chant of Light's Canticle of Threnodies, Thalsian was one of the oracles of the Neromenian king Antoridus during war with the Inghirsh. The other oracles sought counsel from the Maker, but were told that victory would not be theirs to claim. Thalsian, however, turned to a demon of the Fade instead. The demon agreed to grant Antoridus victory if the king would offer him oxens and horses in sacrifice and forsake the Maker. Antoridus accepted and was granted victory over the Inghirsh, claiming their lands and taking their people as chattel. When Antoridus eventually turned his gaze upon the lands of the Planasene, they were forced to abandon the Maker and turn to worship demons to survive his attacks.[5]

Four hundred years after his death, Thalsian was made an honorary Archon by Archon Darinius, founder of the Tevinter Imperium. As such, he is sometimes referred to as the first Archon and the first of the magisters of the Tevinter Imperium.[6][7]

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