The Tevinter Hospice is where sick elves from the Alienage are being quarantined by supposed healers from Tevinter.

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Map-Tevinter Hospice

Map of the Area

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden may access this building as part of the Unrest in the Alienage. The aim is to find evidence of the fate of the elves "quarantined" by the Tevinters. Some can be found here, but not Elder Valendrian or Cyrion. One of the elves found here explains that a number of others have been taken away by the Tevinters. A key can be found hidden in a note on the supervisor's desk, and perhaps Shianni, outside in the Alienage, can suggest what it might open.

To gain access to the Front Door of the Hospice the Warden needs a key that can be looted from Healer Saritor outside in the Alienage or from the Supervisor inside. To gain access via the Back Door of the Hospice the Warden needs a key that can be looted or bribed from the Elf Guard outside whom will allow the Warden access to the Hospice and then discretely leave.


  • Elves, whom the Warden can free or leave in their cages.



  • Wooden Crate
  • Chest (locked, 50 XP)
  • Pile of Coins (on desk)

Special objects

Area-Tevinter Hospice2

Desk with the note hiding the key needed to pass through the Run-Down Apartments

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