Mage glyph written in "Ancient Tevene"

Tevene is the official language of the Tevinter Imperium.[1] Several runes bear Tevinter symbols, some of them old.

In modern Tevinter, Tevene has ceased to be the main spoken language among the population in favour of the Trade tongue. Higher ranking Tevinters use phrases as signs of their education and social standing.[2]

Words and phrases[edit | edit source]

  • Alluvin valla kal[3]
  • Amatus: A term of endearment[4]
  • Astia valla femundis[5]
  • Avanna: "Hello."[6]
  • Benefaris[7]
  • Calthora Virethen[8]
  • Corypheus: Conductor[citation needed]
  • Fasta vass: A swear word.[9]
  • Festis bei umo canavarum: "You will be the death of me."[10][11]
  • Incaensor: means a dangerous substance, such as raw lyrium or natron salts. It is often used as derogatory slang for a magic-using slave—something dangerous but useful if controlled.[12]
  • Kaffas: "Shit."[13]
  • Kevesh[14][15]
  • Manaveris Dracona: "Long live the Dragons."[16]
  • Menavaris festa landem[17]
  • Na via lerno victoria: "Only the living know victory."[18]
  • Rattus: A demeaning word for the elves.[citation needed]
  • Soporati: A non magic user, also referred to as a sleeper.[19]
  • Somniari: "Dreamer". A special kind of mage who can shape the Fade.[20]
  • Venhedis: A swear word.[9]
  • Viridis: "The Green". Refers to the unexplored jungles in the far north of Thedas.[21]
  • Vishante kaffas: "You shit on my tongue."[22]
  • Vitae benefaria: A respectful goodbye[23]

Ancient Tevene[edit | edit source]

Ancient Tevene is the ancient and dead language of Tevinter Imperium.

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The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

Furthermore, the annums (annual holidays) in the Thedosian calendar use a high name from Ancient Tevene, and a low name (Trade tongue).[27]

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