Proposal to formalise the "Family"-part of a character's overview box

Reason: I hate it when stuff is fuzzy and if there's a well-formed definition, it's easier to follow and/or enforce the guidelines.

Valid family relationships (WIP)

  1. First-degree relatives and the legally acquired equivalent: (Adopted) parents, siblings, children
  2. Spouses
    1. married partners (in the format Name (spouse) (conditional), example: Maric/Rowan, Inquisitor/Cullen )
    2. commited long-term relationships (in the format Name (partner) (conditional), example: Dorian//Bull, Dorian/Inquisitor)
  3. relevant transitive relations (relatives of relatives of the categories above)

Who's relevant?

I'd draw the line in the case of Alistair between Eamon and Teagan. Both are transitive relatives and listed as family on the page of Alistair's father, so the information is two hops away.

Teagan: Irrelevant: there's no particular relevance to the relationship between Teagan and Alistair.

Eamon: Relevant: there is an entire conversation tree between Alistair and the Warden dealing with his early childhood and the experience of Isolde handing him over to the Chantry, and he repeatedly urges the player to save Eamon via the Ashes. Including him directly would make that information one click away instead of two. ~manavortex (talk)

I believe listing "fatherly figures" is extremely controversial. Most people when they say "family" they refer to connections of blood. This should be our compass also.
So far the wiki has listed as family: spouses and parents/children (1), cousins and uncles/aunts/nephews/nieces (2) as well as noteworthy distant relatives (3). If a person does not belong to one of these categories, it cannot be listed.
On the matter of unmarried partners, I think we should not list them since their union is not official within Thedosian society's standards (Chantry wedding, etc). On the matter of "potential" family members, I think we should include them with the (conditional) tag, as we already do. Viktoria Landers 15:21, February 13, 2020 (UTC)
When it comes to adoptions, I think it's acceptable if the characters themselves call each other father/mother/child etc. Flemeth and Morrigan call each other mother/daughter all the time, regardless of actual blood relation. But I don't think Sera, who was raised by Lady Emmald, ever refers to her as a mother, so that shouldn't be added.
I don't think we should add unmarried partners either, as it creates ambiguity. There's lots of long-term, committed relationships between NPCs that have ended, and handling those is just awkward. For example, Celene/Briala would look something like this: Briala (lover) (formerly) (conditional). Marriage is an easy line to draw. For conditional relationships with the PC, that would include Alistair, Anora, Sebastian, Sera, Cullen. --Evamitchelle (talk) 16:01, February 13, 2020 (UTC)

Hyperlinking/referencing "Conditional"

Reason: The goal is to reference relevant information more directly: I needed more than three minutes to pull up this as a viable example to where that link should lead, and I am intimately familiar with both the character and the Wiki plus above average tech-savy. 

Upon seeing "conditional", I would like to have the option to immediately see which conditions have to be met for the family relationship to exist.  This is especially notable in the case of Kieran if I assume a user who is unaware of the Dark Ritual.  ~manavortex (talk)

Nope It would bloat the template unnecessarily considering the name is already hyperlinked. Excessive hyperlinking is also a Manual of Style (DA:MOS) problem. Viktoria Landers 15:21, February 13, 2020 (UTC)
What do you mean by "bloat the template"? Optically? I don't consider it excessive given that it increases information networking and shortens the paths that users have to take to get where they want ~manavortex (talk) 10:17, February 17, 2020 (UTC)
Nope I think it adds bloats, and that the necessary information is already easy to find. For example, conditions of Kieran's existence are explained in the lead-in section, with a direct link to a page with a detailed walkthrough. --Evamitchelle (talk) 16:01, February 13, 2020 (UTC)
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