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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Usage Edit

You would use this template to transform a template from Template:RecipeInfoBox to one of the following template based on the style tag:

To use it, simply use it as you would for any of the subtemplates. Then, include
into the template. This will tell the template to transform it into its derivative class.

Variables Edit

Example Edit

For example - this is the code for the page Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe

|name=[[Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe]]
|description=This is a recipe designed by the Chantry for distilling raw lyrium into a refined potion, one that can be used to augment reserves of mana.
|ingredient1=[[Lyrium Dust]]
|ingredient3=[[Distillation Agent]]
|ingredient4=[[Concentrator Agent]]
|result=[[Potent Lyrium Potion]]
|requires=[[Herbalism: Rank 4]]
|appearances=''[[Dragon Age: Origins]]''

When Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe is displayed on its own page or included without parameters, it shows up as

{{:Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe}}

Transformation Edit

However, if it is included as follows,

{{:Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe|style=recipetable}}

it shows up as

Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 4
Ico potent lyrium potion
Rgt ico lyriumdust
Rgt ico flask
Rgt ico distill agnt
Rgt ico conc agnt
Skl ico herbalism 4
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