Usage[edit source]

You would use this template transforms a template from Template:QuestInfoBox to one of the following template based on the style tag:

To use it, simply use it as you would for any of the subtemplates. Then, include


into the template. This will tell the template to transform it into its derivative class.

For example - this is the code for the page Arl of Redcliffe

|name     = Arl of Redcliffe
|image    = Eamon.JPG
|start    = [[Alistair]]
|end      = varies
|location = Redcliffe
|qcat = Main
|rewards = None
|previous = [[Lothering and the Imperial Highway]]
|related=This is one of the four main quest lines that must be completed before calling [[The Landsmeet]]: <br />[[Arl of Redcliffe]]<br />[[Broken Circle]]<br />[[A Paragon of Her Kind]]<br />[[Nature of the Beast]]
|next     = [[The Urn of Sacred Ashes]]

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