This template is used for articles about an occupation or a title in the Dragon Age universe.

Usage Edit

Make sure the template is wrapped within the onlyinclude tags.

|style        = {{{style|}}}
|supertitle   = 
|name         = [[{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]
|image        = 
|px           = 
|race         = 
|gender       = 
|title        =  
|organization =
|location     = 
|related      = 
This should always be in the template.
Either Occupation or Title.
The occupation, which is also the name of PAGENAME.
image (optional)
Only type the full filename.
px (optional)
The image's size. Maximum width should be 270px.
gender (optional)
Female and/or male.
title (optional)
Title given to the person.
organization (optional)
The organization they belong to.
location (optional)
The location where they perform their duties most of the time.
related (optional)
Related occupations.

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