This template transforms a template from {{ObjectInfoBox}} to one of the following templates based on the style tag:

|style              = {{{style|}}}
|name               = '''Required:''' Name of the object.
|image              = '''Optional:''' Image of object as seen in the game.
|px                 = '''Optional:''' The size of the image.
|type               = '''Required:''' Type of object, container, examine, dialog etc.
|contains           = '''Optional:''' The loot it contains.
|requires           = '''Optional:''' Lockpick, Skill, Class or other prerequisites to use the object.
|effects            = '''Optional:''' Things that happen when you use the object, bonus to stat, restoring mana etc.
|experience         = '''Optional:''' Some objects, like codex, give Experience.
|locations          = '''Optional:''' Where it can be found.
|quests             = '''Optional:''' Quests involved.
|description        = '''Optional:''' Description of the object
|appearances        = '''Optional:''' The games, books etc where the item appears.

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