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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Usage[edit source]

This template adds a small border around the icon, prettifying it. To use this template on an article, copy the following code and simply start filling the blanks with information.

|size=(OPTIONAL) the size of the icon, default is 42
|margin-top=(OPTIONAL) margin on the top
|margin-left=(OPTIONAL) margin on the left
|margin-right=(OPTIONAL) margin on the right
|margin-bottom=(OPTIONAL) margin on the bottom

Example 1[edit source]

For example, this is a small icon, suitable as a non-descript additional to a table row

{{InventoryIcon|icon=rgt_ico_lyriumdust.png|link=Lyrium Dust|size=24|margin-right=0.6em}} This is a picture of [[Lyrium Dust]]
Rgt ico lyriumdust.png
This is a picture of Lyrium Dust

Example 2[edit source]

Another example of a larger icon with a list of quantity to indicate quantity

{{InventoryIcon|icon=rgt_ico_flask.png|link=Distillation Agent|quantity=2|size=32|margin-right=0.5em}}
Rgt ico flask.png

Example 3[edit source]

Another example of multiple usage of the icon, perhaps useful for a lookup table. See Template:RecipeTableRow for the code of this row.

{{:Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe|style=recipetable}}
Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 4.png
Ico potent lyrium potion.png
Rgt ico lyriumdust.png
Rgt ico flask.png
Rgt ico distill agnt.png
Rgt ico conc agnt.png
Skl ico herbalism 4.png

See also[edit source]

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