To use this template on an article, copy the following code and fill in the items. If no image is currently available, delete the |icon= line and the default image will be used.

NOTE: Do not put brackets around the image name. The template will do it automatically.

 |name =  
 |description = 
 |type =  
 |icon =
 |location =  
|name = Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet
|description = This silver emblem of Andraste's Flame is riddled with cracks. ..  has carefully glued it back together.
|type = Plot  
|icon = Tre_ico_alistair_amulet.png  
|location=Desk at Castle Redcliffe (Main Floor). 

That code will result in the following table

Tre ico alistair amulet
Location: Desk at Castle Redcliffe (Main Floor).
Type: Plot
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