Usage Edit

|Name             =
|Subname          =
|Image            =
|Caption          =
|Date             =
|Location         =
|Result           =
|Belligerent1     =
|Belligerent2     =
|Commanders1      =
|Commanders2      =
|Strengthdetails1 =
|Strengthdetails2 =
|Casualtydetails1 =
|Casualtydetails2 =

Guidelines Edit

Star (gold)

Name of the conflict. If there is no official name, then make one up that is appropriate and unique.

Star (silver)

This should be in the form of, e.g. "Part of <Greater Conflict>" if applicable.

Star (silver)

File name of the image, e.g. Lore-FirstDarkspawn.png.

Star (silver)

The image's caption.

Star (gold)

In the form of, e.g. 9:30 Dragon.

Star (gold)


Star (gold)

Should be sociopolitical consequences only, i.e. which faction or nation won, territory changes, or further escalation of conflict.

Star (half)
Belligerents1* |  Belligerents2* |  Belligerents3

Names of organisations, factions and nations.

Star (half)
Commanders1* |  Commanders2* |  Commanders3

Names of important people who had commanding roles over at least one contingent of troops. If they died in the conflict, put † after their name or (†) if their survival is dependent on player choice.

Star (silver)
Strengthdetails1 |  Strengthdetail2 |  Strengthdetail3

Ideally quantitative descriptions of the same thing, e.g. "4 steel golems" or "Circle mages". Not intended for the names of individuals.

Star (silver)
Casualtydetails1 |  Casualtydetails2 |  Casualtydetails3

Quantitative descriptions of a particular group, e.g. "4 Grey Wardens KIA" or "Many civilians".

Notes Edit

The 20px icons that can go before a commander's name or strength faction are optional. For aesthetic purposes, if there is an icon in the strengths section and the quantity is known, then putting the number afterwards will look better. Use <br> for separating each item.

When used, this template automatically adds Category:History and Category:Conflicts.

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