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<includeonly><font color="#ff0000">{{{1}}}</font></includeonly>
<includeonly><onlyinclude><font color="#ff0000">{{{1}}}</font></onlyinclude></includeonly>
== Usage ==
[[Category:Color templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
Use this template to highlight downward changes to stats:
: <pre>Drops {{Template:ColorNegativeStat|[[Cunning]] -5}}.</pre>
: Drops [[Cunning]] {{Template:ColorNegativeStat|-5}}.
== Notes ==
See also: [[:Template:-]], [[:Template:+]], [[:Template:ColorNeutralStat]], [[:Template:ColorPositiveStat]]

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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Usage Edit

Use this template to highlight positive boosts to a stat,

Subtracts{{ColorNegativeStat|-5}} from [[Cunning]].
Subtracts -5 from Cunning.

See Also Edit

Documentation transcluded from Template:ColorNegativeStat/doc.
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