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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is used to define codex entry information. It can be used either on an individual page for a codex entry, or on a summary page (in the latter case, the parameter "summaryonly" should be defined with a value of "true".

Using this template allows codex text to be reused across the wiki.

Usage Edit

The infobox relies on several templates to become functional.

|style         = {{{style|}}}
|excerptonly   = {{{excerptonly|}}}

|name          = 
|disamb        = 
|subtitle      = 
|sortkey       = 
|icon          = 
|image         = 
|px            = 
|appearances   = 

|number DAO    = 
|category DAO  = 
|location DAO  = 
|expansion DAO = 
|updates DAO   = 
|dlc DAO       = 

|category DA2  = 
|location DA2  = 
|updates DA2   = 
|dlc DA2       = 

|see also      = 
|further info  = 
|related       = 
|trivia        = 
|excerpt       = 
|text          = 
|value         = 

Basic information Edit

Star (gold)
style | (default = {{{style|}}})

{{{style|}}} should always be in the template

Star (gold)

The name of the entry, without the "Codex entry" part, e.g., Ogre for Codex entry: Ogre

Star (silver)

If an article with the same name already exist, use it to append a disambiguation word to it, e.g., Dragon Age II for Codex entry: Alistair (Dragon Age II)

Star (silver)

This can be used when name of "book" in which codex entry is found differs from name in journal, e.g., "On Calenhad's early rise" for Codex entry: The Legend of Calenhad: Chapter 1

Star (silver)

Sort key used to determine which letter page appears under in the category pages, e.g., City Elves for Codex entry: The City Elves

Star (silver)
icon | (default = Ico codex entry.png)

The icon of the infobox. Specifically, the value should be the one where the codex entry appears first, e.g., for the ogre codex entry, it would be the Dragon Age: Origins icon. However, since icon defaults to this, it is unnecessary.

  • Dragon Age: Origins: Ico codex entry, Ico codex entry.png
  • Dragon Age II: Codex icon DA2 Codex icon DA2.png
Star (silver)

Only type the full filename, e.g., The Exiled Prince.png

Star (silver)

The image's size, e.g., 200px. The maximum width allowed is 270.

Star (silver)

The list of games in which the codex entry appears. This is used for other types of pages, such as books.

Game-specific Edit

Note: The listed parameters do not mean that category DAO equals to category DA2, contrary to how documentation works. This is done to save space.
Star (silver)
number DAO

Number of the codex entry in original campaign (or original campaign + DLC required), with modifiers if number is affected by DLC, eg 101 (+2TSP, +1WK)

Star (silver)
category DAO | category DA2

Name of the codex section in which it appears, e.g., Creatures. It will automatically categorize the page to the section.

Star (silver)
location DAO | location DA2

Where/how codex entry can be found

Star (silver)
updates DAO | updates DA2

If appropriate, information about updates to this codex entry after acquisition

Star (silver)
expansion DAO

If the codex entry appears in Awakening, type [[Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening]]

Star (silver)
dlc DAO | dlc DA2

If the codex entry appears in any DLC, type the full name with a link, e.g., [[Warden's Keep]]

Content Edit

The following is used in the content space of the article rather than the infobox.

Star (silver)
see also

Links to related pages if they haven't been linked already

Star (silver)
further info

More information about the codex entry if required (will only be displayed on single page), e.g., map of location.

Star (silver)

List related codex entries only which only appears on the article itself, e.g.:

* [[Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 2]] - Dumat Rises
* [[Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 3]] - The Dwarves Fall
* [[Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 4]] - Griffons Take Flight
* [[Codex entry: The Old Gods]] explains what the "first sin" was
Star (silver)

More information about the codex entry if required (will only be displayed on single page)

Star (silver)

An excerpt from the full codex entry text for use elsewhere in the wiki. It will be used if excerptonly=true switch used when entry is included using the {{CodexSummary}} or {{CodexExcerpt}} templates

Star (silver)

The whole codex entry: the text is copied verbatim from the game. Make sure to use wikilinks and formatting.

You can use the following templates for formatting:

See also Edit

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