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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template is used when including codex information from individual codex entry articles on the summary pages for each Codex section, eg Codex: Characters. It should not be included directly, but is called by using the switch "style=codexsummary" when including an article that uses Template:CodexTransformer.

In addition to the style switch, the excerptonly parameter can be set to true if only an excerpt of the codex text, rather than the full text, is required. Note that if no excerpt parameter is defined on the included page, the full text will be returned. This parameter should be omitted if the full text is required (NB setting it to false will still result in the excerpt being returned as the template only checks for the existence of the parameter, not its value).


{{:Codex Entry: Aravels|style=codexsummary|excerptonly=true}}


Aravels - On Dalish landships

Main article: Codex entry: Aravels
See also: Aravel, Dalish

Someone once told me that humans flee when they see the sails of our aravels flying above the tops of trees. I say, good, let them flee. The humans took everything from us--our homeland, our freedom, our immortality. What's a little fear compared to all the horrors inflicted upon us? (Excerpt)

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