Use this template to add a newline bug note that includes a message with a small bug icon next to it, or to simply categorize the article in one of the bug categories. Articles in mainspace will be categorized; pages in other namespaces, like User or Talk, will not be categorized.

Follow the guidelines on DA:LAYOUT regarding bugs.

Usage Edit

With the bug icon Edit

If you want the text appear with the icon Bug icon (generally outside of the "Bugs" section), use:

Star (silver)

This is for the game category. Use one the following:

If abbreviation isn't one of the above options, it will skip to description. It will then categorize the page in Category:Bugs.

Star (silver)

Describe the bug, but be as concise as possible.

Under the "Bugs" section Edit

You can use it to categorize the page under one of the categories, generally for the "Bugs" section, e.g.:


No text will appear, but it will categorize the page under the correct category.

Examples Edit

{{Bug|This page is bugged.}}
Bug icon Bug! This page is bugged.
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