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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Use this template to add a newline bug note that includes a message with a small bug icon next to it, or to simply categorize the article in one of the bug categories. Articles in mainspace will be categorized; pages in other namespaces, like User or Talk, will not be categorized.

Follow the guidelines on DA:LAYOUT regarding bugs.


With the bug icon[]

If you want the text appear with the icon Bug icon.png (generally outside of the "Bugs" section), use:


This is for the game category. Use one the following:

If abbreviation isn't one of the above options, it will skip to description. It will then categorize the page in Category:Bugs.


Describe the bug, but be as concise as possible.

Under the "Bugs" section[]

You can use it to categorize the page under one of the categories, generally for the "Bugs" section, e.g.:


No text will appear, but it will categorize the page under the correct category.


{{Bug|This page is bugged.}}
Bug icon.png Bug! This page is bugged.
Documentation transcluded from Template:Bug/doc.