This transformer is to be used when no other transformer templates, apply. It is flexible and if needed the templates can be adjusted to the article's needs. This Transformer may be hidden on articles because the it is only needed for the use of the style and not needed to be seen on the actual article (using <onlyinclude><includeonly> tags).

You would use this template transforms a template from Template:BasicInfoBox to one of the following template based on the style tag:

Optional recommended Icons for this Transformer for the uses of Template:IconMini:

Ico Tactics Operations/Tactics/Strategies
Ico Gears Operations/Gamplay
Ico Journal Misc. Lore, Historical Information
Ico Dialog Dialogue

See also icons for more icon options.

Alistair Dialogue

Alistair and Mage
Companion Dialogues
Related to:
Alistair's dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Alistair shares with the other companions.
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