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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Usage Edit

For use on walkthrough style pages where a results section summarizes the approval changes.


param1 must be one of two values:

1. a correctly spelled character name or list of correctly spelled character names delimited by a comma.

2. a single, positive or negative, number

param2 may be one of two values:

1. a number, positive or negative, that corresponds to the change in approval or a list of numbers, positive or negative, that correspond to the corresponding character name from param1, again delimited by a comma.

2. optionally, if param1 is set to a positive or negative number, param2 may be set to any text value that you desired to be coloured as green for positive or red for negative.

param3 is optional. If used the only valid value is 'icons'. If param3 is set to 'icons' a table will be displayed with the characters' portraits displayed. If param3 is used param1 and param2 must use the first of the two options listed. If param1 is set to a single positive or negative number and param3 is set the template will error out.

Examples Edit

1. {{Approval|Alistair|3}}

2. {{Approval|Alistair, Morrigan|3, -4}}

3. {{Approval|Alistair|3|icons}}

4. {{Approval|Morrigan,Alistair|-4,3|icons}}

5. {{Approval|Morrigan,Alistair|-4|icons}}

6. {{Approval|Morrigan,Alistair|-4}}

7. {{Approval|10}}

8. {{Approval|10|optional text}}

9. {{Approval|+}}

10. {{Approval|-}}

1. Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+3)

2. Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+3),Ico DisAppr Heart Morrigan disapproves (-4),


5. Dispproves Morrigan,Alistair (-4)

6. Dispproves Morrigan,Alistair (-4)

7. Approves (+10)

8. Approves (+10optional text

9. Ico Appr Heart

10. Ico DisAppr Heart
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