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The Templar's Nightmare is a location in the Fade created by the Sloth demon that the Warden ventures during the Lost in Dreams questline.


This area is notable as being a worst-case scenario for Templars—as it is filled with apostate mages and demons.


Templar's Nightmare navigation

Navigational map of the area

This is one of the more confusing areas to navigate, since it is riddled with Mouse Holes, Fade Portals and a Spirit Door that will transport the Warden between locations.

A Mouse Hole is always directly connected with another mouse hole so that it is possible to go back and forth between them, and it is usually reasonably obvious from looking at the map where the Warden will end up when entering one. The only exception in this area is that the last mouse hole (which you enter when following Vereveel at the end) has no return path. However, turning around and going back through a Fade Portal or Spirit Door that the Warden just came through does not necessarily return the Warden to the previous location

The modified map to the right illustrates the navigational paths of the area. Note that some paths have a little red arrow on them, meaning that they can only be traveled in the indicated direction.


Broken Circle Broken Circle
Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams

Hostile creatures[]

Masquerading Ghoul


Map-Templar's Nightmare

Map of the area

Masquerading Darkspawn

Special objects[]

  • Special doors:
    • Mouse Hole - requires Mouse form.
    • Spirit Door - requires Spirit form.
    • Fire Barrier - requires Burning Man form.
    • Massive Door - requires Golem form.
  • Fade Pedestal - interacting with the pedestal transports the Warden to the travel map.
  • Lyrium vein - interacting with it restores mana/stamina and health; the vein will recharge after a few minutes.
  • Essences and fonts (2 of 21 total throughout the entirety of this section of the Fade):
    • Essence of Dexterity - enter the mouse hole next to the room where you enter this level, it will lead to a small room with an essence and a Blight Wolf.
    • Essence of Cunning - found in the same room as Vereveel.