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Telekinetic Weapons is a mage spell from the Spirit tree in Dragon Age: Origins.



  • Upkeep is in Mana.
  • Arcane Warrior Spellcasting: Can be cast with weapon(s) drawn.
  • A single Mage can sustain any two of the following: Flaming Weapons, Frost Weapons, Telekinetic Weapons but only if one is cast directly after the other.
  • Applies additively to each weapon a character is wielding (i.e. when dual wielding armor penetration is added twice, once for each hand).
  • Multiplied by 1.25 when cast on a two-handed warrior who has Two-Handed Strength.
  • The armor penetration bonuses are determined when the mage casts the spell; changing equipment while the spell is active does not change the armor penetration bonuses.
  • Only affects melee weapons, including Dog's and Shale's attacks. Bows and staves do not get a bonus.

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