Tears in the Veil is a side quest encountered in the Blackmarsh, to mend tears in the barrier between the physical and spirit realms.

Acquisition Edit

Received upon approaching one of the Veil Tear in the Blackmarsh, along with the codex entry: Tears in the Veil.

Walkthrough Edit

After the Warden-Commander has been transported into the Fade version of the Blackmarsh (see Blackmarsh Undying), find and disable 3 Veil Tear Apparatus, each guarded by three desire demons (Demon, Normal).

Note: Combat with the desire demons can become difficult if groups of shades nearby join in, so look around for possible flanking attacks.

Each time you touch one of the apparatus (after killing the guards) the Veil Tear is sealed, and the greenish energy barrier will dissipate in the physical realm. The chest nearby seems to disappear or teleport away, but actually, you stop seeing objects in the real world when the veil is repaired.

You can now access these previously blocked-off locations in the real Blackmarsh and loot the chests, which hold pieces of the Sentinel armor set, a powerful armor set. All of this must be done before you go to the center of the town, as there is no going back if you missed one.

Rewards Edit

  • 250 XP for sealing each tear
Ico helm massive Helm of the Sentinel
Ico gloves massive Gauntlets of the Sentinel
Ico boots massive Boots of the Sentinel

Map Edit

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