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The Bannorn will not bow to you simply because you demand it!

Teagan Guerrin is the Bann of Rainesfere. He is Arl Eamon Guerrin's younger brother as well as the brother of Rowan, the deceased queen of Ferelden and a member of the Guerrin family. This makes him uncle to King Cailan Theirin.


Teagan was born, most likely in Redcliffe, in 8:91 Blessed (possibly late 8:90)[2]. When Teagan was two his parents decided that Ferelden was too unsafe for him and Eamon, and that they would travel to Ansburg with their mother Marina to join her sister. The brothers traveled to Denerim with their mother and boarded a ship headed for Wycome. During the journey across the Waking Sea, Marina became critically ill. After reaching Wycome, the trio boarded a carriage headed for Ansburg, where Marina died shortly afterwards. After Marina's death, Teagan and Eamon were raised by their aunt, Thalia Aurum, and her husband who treated them like they were their own.

When Teagan was eight his father was killed at the Battle of West Hill, and his aunt and uncle legally adopted him and his brother.


Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Immediately after the battle at Ostagar Teagan is shown standing against Loghain Mac Tir at the Landsmeet, highly suspicious of Loghain's withdrawal from the Battle of Ostagar. It seems he is the original instigator of the Bannorn's resistance against Loghain's regency, and he brushes off Queen Anora's reassurances.

When the Warden and party later arrive in Redcliffe, they find out that the city is besieged by undead, and that the seriously ill Arl Eamon is locked in his own castle, with no word from it at all. Bann Teagan is currently in charge of the town's defense and he pleads with the Warden and Alistair (if he's present) to help them defend the city; the Warden can agree or refuse. If the Warden elects to help, Teagan will answer any questions and direct him/her to the Mayor Murdock and the knight Ser Perth.

After the battle, Teagan gives a celebration speech, and asks the Warden to meet him by the windmill for their next move. He reveals there is a secret passage, and did not mention it before as he wanted to help in the battle. At that moment, Arlessa Isolde suddenly runs down the hill, to his shock. She insists that Teagan go in with her alone to help her son Connor, speaking of a "terrible evil" in the castle that is behind the attacks. He passes his Signet ring to the Warden, so they can take the secret passage and infiltrate the castle while he tries to create a distraction.

As it turns out, Connor is possessed by a Desire Demon, which ensorcels Bann Teagan. When the Warden confronts Connor, a brawl breaks out with the enthralled Teagan and castle guards. After the fight, he regains his senses and retrieves Jowan, who talks of a blood ritual to send a mage into the Fade to attack the demon controlling Connor (unless you elected to let Jowan out of his cell with the comment "Run. I don't want to see you again. Ever," in which case it will be Morrigan who mentions the ritual if she is in your party). After the Warden deals with the desire demon (one way or another), Teagan remains to watch over the Arling while Eamon remains comatose.

Once the Urn of Andraste is found and Eamon recovers, Teagan stays with his brother at Redcliffe Castle. Later, Eamon orders Teagan to stay with the Redcliffe garrison while he and the Warden go to participate in the Battle of Denerim. However, he brings reinforcements and was not far behind the main body of the Fereldan army: he is seen duelling and killing a hurlock as the Archdemon perishes at Fort Drakon, and leads a final attack on the routed darkspawn as the horde flees Denerim.

If the Warden sacrifices him/herself to kill the Archdemon, Teagan will be present at the funeral.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

Bann Teagan is encountered when he rallies a squadron of soldiers outside the Arl of Redcliffe's Estate's in Denerim's Market District. He is the final boss of the Kill Bann Teagan quest.

Dragon Age II

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Dragon Age II.

Teagan can be encountered by Hawke in three different scenarios during the course of Dragon Age II, depending on the choices you made in Dragon Age: Origins:

  • If Alistair was made king of Ferelden, he will appear as Alistair's aide during the quest "King Alistair" in Act 3.
  • If Alistair was exiled and became a wandering drunk, Teagan will appear in The Hanged Man during Act 2 and talk a reluctant Alistair into returning to Ferelden.
  • He will appear as a guest of Duke Prosper's at Chateau Haine - with or without Isolde, depending on player choices, during the events of the Mark of the Assassin DLC. If Hawke has already encountered Alistair and Teagan, the Bann will mention their previous meeting.

Dragon Age: The Masked Empire

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

As the Fereldan ambassador in Orlais, he attends a ball in the royal palace at Val Royeaux, where Grand Duke Gaspard taunts him with the lost sword of Moira Theirin, claiming that it was taken off her corpse and is now used to kill rats. The Duke intends to provoke a deadly duel that would sour relations between Orlais and Ferelden but Empress Celene and her champion Michel de Chevin cleverly defuse the situation and satisfy Teagan's honor by having him duel Michel with feathers, the symbol of the Chevalier.[3] Teagan sends Celene a letter voicing his gratitude and returns quickly to Ferelden to avoid any further trouble.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the Fifth Blight, Arl Eamon Guerrin elected to remain in Denerim and made Teagan the new Arl of Redcliffe. In 9:41, the rebel mages under Grand Enchanter Fiona were allowed to take refuge in Redcliffe by Ferelden's monarch. When the mages allied with the Venatori, Magister Gereon Alexius evicted Arl Teagan and his soldiers from Redcliffe Castle and took control of the town. Teagan retreated to Denerim to seek aid in reclaiming Redcliffe.

Inquisitor recruits the Mages:
Shortly after the Inquisition defeated Alexius and the Venatori, Ferelden's monarch arrived at Redcliffe with an army to liberate the town. Although the mages were freed from Venatori control, they were forced to choose between joining the Inquisition as free allies or being conscripted, as they could not remain in Ferelden.

Arl Teagan eventually returns and resumes his duties.


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Arl Teagan at the Winter Palace during the Exalted Council

Two years after the Elder One's defeat, both Orlais and Ferelden have grown wary of the Inquisition's unchecked power and call the Inquisitor forth to answer for their actions. Teagan is sent to represent Ferelden, which as a nation favors the complete dismantling of the Inquisition, due to concerns of the Inquisitions' large military presence, namely Skyhold, being so close to Ferelden's borders.

During the Exalted Council, Teagan calls out the Inquisition's previous actions in Ferelden's territory, namely the capture of Caer Bronach. He draws comparisons to the Grey Wardens, who had invaded Ferelden under the pretext of "restoring order," leading to their exile during the Storm Age. His outrage only grows when the Inquisitor walks out of the Exalted Council and continues a clandestine investigation of the Qunari threat to the Winter Palace without notifying the Council in advance.

Following the resolution of the Qunari crisis, as the Inquisitor returned to the Exalted Council, Teagan admitted while everyone acknowledges the Inquisitor's deeds, he reminded that Corypheus was no longer a threat. Ultimately, the Inquisitor made the choice to either disband or reform the Inquisition.


During the brawl in Redcliffe Castle, Teagan will use the following skills:

Rally Rally

War Cry War Cry

Superiority Superiority

Shield Bash Shield Bash

Assault Assault


  • While Teagan normally is seen wearing only his noble's outfit in Redcliffe, during his cutscenes in Denerim he is wearing a set of iron heavy chainmail.
  • If the Warden is female, she can optionally flirt with Teagan at the chantry. This does not lead anywhere, and has no effect on any romanced companions (even if they are in the party).
  • Teagan's eyes and hair between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are different colors, blue eyes and brown hair in Origins and brown eyes and red hair in Dragon Age II; this may be due to a mistake by the developers.
  • Before the final battle his name is Lord Teagan, not Bann Teagan.
  • Despite being told to stay behind in Redcliffe, Teagan will be seen in Denerim during the final battle.


Dragon Age: Origins

  • "And now Denerim is under assault by the darkspawn. The death toll will be... staggering. I wish you luck, Grey Warden, for all our sakes."
  • (When asked by a female Warden if he has any family himself) "Oh...you mean, am I married? I...no. No, I've never had the pleasure. If I did, I'd be lucky to find a woman as lovely as yourself."
  • "Loghain call the Grey Wardens traitors, murderers of the King. I don't believe it; it is the action of a desperate man".
  • (To Loghain) "The bannorn will not bow to you simply because you demand it!"
  • (To Connor) "Nobody tells him what to do! Nobody. Ha, Ha, Ha, HA!"


  • Anora: "Bann Teagan, my father is doing what is best."
  • Teagan: "Did he also do what was best for your husband, Your Majesty?"

  • Warden: "You don't believe Loghain's lies?"
  • Teagan: "What, that he pulled his men in order to save them? That Cailan risked everything in the name of glory? (scoffs) Hardly."

Dragon Age II

  • (While speaking with a female Hawke) "You're very brave. Take this, with my blessings. You remind me of someone...I hold dear, though I never had the courage to say that to her."


  • Alistair (to Hawke): "Right! I'm Alistair, uh...King of Ferelden. And this is Teagan, my uncle. Sort of."
  • Teagan: "I'm actually Teagan. I'm only sort of his uncle."

Dragon Age: Inquisition


  • "You act as though you're the solution to every problem. How long before you drag us all into another war?"


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