Taoran Hawkwind is the second-in-command of the mercenary group, The Blackstone Irregulars, and the son of Raelnor Hawkwind, its leader.

He is considered to be ambitious and tries to turn the Irregulars into a powerful mercenary group which will be achieved with back-room dealing and secret funding from the nobility without having honour or integrity, like it used to be in his grandfather's days.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

In a letter obtained from the Blackstone Liaison, he hires the Warden to kill his father, Raelnor, who is opposing his plans for the Irregulars. If the Warden accepts his request, A Change in Leadership quest is activated.

During this quest the Warden can complete the task and kill Raelnor or, if persuaded by Raelnor, turn against Taoran or walk away from the family business altogether.

Taoran can be found in a camp with eight of his men. If the Warden confronts Taoran for the morality of his methods, the latter will remind the Warden that in fact they also participated in these shady dealings by stopping the supply chains or bribing the nobles.

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