Taoran's Camp is a scripted encounter in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

This encounter can only happen if the Warden accepts A Change in Leadership quest. When they find Raelnor Hawkwind in the Denerim Market District they can choose either the option to kill him or side with him against his son, Taoran Hawkwind. Afterwards, when traveling from Denerim to a different location in Ferelden, this encounter will happen.

Note: If this quest is accepted from any other Blackstone Liaison than the one in Denerim, you will encounter Taoran's Camp prior of talking to Raelnor. In that case don't talk to anyone before confronting Raelnor in Denerim's Market District.
Taoran's Camp map

Map of the Area

Involvement Edit

Taoran will be accompanied by eight Blackstone Irregulars (three of which are archers). If the Warden killed his father in Denerim before, they won't be able to initiate any kind of discussion with him. However, if the Warden sided with Raelnor they can initiate a fight with him and his men or intimidate him into paying 3DAO goldpiece trans for not killing him (intimidation always works - no coercion skill required) or just walk away from the family business.

Notable items Edit

Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot x1
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