Tamassran - Those Who Speak

Rasaan; a tamassran.

Tamassrans ("Those Who Speak" in Qunlat) are a branch of the Qunari priesthood and as such fall under the Ariqun. This is a female gender role.[1] Tamassrans de facto rule the Qunari society.[2][3] The Qunari themselves, however, do not see it this way: the brain could be said to rule the body... but so does the heart, the lungs, the stomach; the Tamassrans are a part of the whole.[1]


Tamassrans perform the following functions in the Qunari society:

  • Control the Qunari selective breeding program by deciding who mates[4], and if so - with whom.[1] This refers to the Qunari of all races, including humans and elves. At that, Tamassrans don't cross-breed races with other races.[5]
  • Give names to newborn children.[6] These "names" are strings of genealogical information that the Tamassrans use to keep track of recessive and dominant traits the individual may be carrying. The Qunari themselves use their job titles rather than their "names" to call one another.[1][7][8]
  • Raise all the children and give them their general education.[1]
  • When the Qunari children reach the age of 12, evaluate them and officially assign their roles.[1][2]
  • Look after those Qunari who are not mentally able, or are too physically impaired to function without a lot of help.[1]
  • Provide psychological counseling and rehabilitation to those overwhelmed by stress and mental fatigue. This includes granting sexual relief to Qunari in need.[9]
  • Use the substance called qamek to "free those beyond redemption," i.e. to turn dissenters who have persistently resisted re-education into all-but mindless creatures ("viddath-bas"), who can only perform hard labor and require looking after in the same manner as the disabled.[10]
Rasaan with qamek

Rasaan with qamek.

Notable Tamassrans

  • Rasaan – this may be the name/title assigned to all Tamassrans in charge of interviewing converts/captives. Given the wide range of functions the Tamassrans perform, it would be wrong to assume they are all Rasaan.


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