You go elbow-deep in wyvern shit, and I'm the weird one?

Tallis is an elven assassin who is the protagonist of Dragon Age: Redemption, and is also a key character in the Dragon Age II DLC Mark of the Assassin.


Little is known of Tallis' background as of yet. It appears that Tallis was trained as a Ben-Hassrath by her Qunari mentor, Salit. For an unknown reason, she was stripped of her rank and given the title, "Athlok" and was assigned as a kitchen-hand on a boat docked in Kirkwall.


Mark of the Assassin

Tallis is a temporary companion in the Mark of the Assassin DLC. She plans to steal a jewel called the "Heart of the Many" from an Orlesian noble. She enlists Hawke's help for this.

Dragon Age: Redemption


Tallis in Redemption

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Tallis is the main character of Dragon Age: Redemption, a live-action mini-web series. She is ordered to retrieve a rogue Saarebas and in doing so, is given a second chance at being a Ben-Hassrath. She joins Cairn, a templar and an unnamed (as-of-yet) mage on her quest to find the Saarebas.

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