You go elbow-deep in wyvern shit, and I'm the weird one?

Tallis is an elven assassin who is the protagonist of Dragon Age: Redemption, and is also a key character in the Dragon Age II DLC Mark of the Assassin.


Little is known of Tallis' background as of yet. It appears that Tallis may be Viddathari, as in the trailer for Redemption, she is heard to say, "Victory is in the Qun." She also has the symbol of the House of Tides on her armor. She has apparently been trained as a Ben-Hassrath, a Qunari enforcer.


Mark of the Assassin

Tallis is a temporary companion in the Mark of the Assassin DLC. She plans to steal a jewel called the "Heart of the Many" from an Orlesian noble. She enlists Hawke's help for this.

Dragon Age: Redemption

Saarebasgonageredemption.jpg|thumb|Tallis in Redemption]]

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Tallis is the main character of Dragon Age: Redemption, a live-action mini-web series. She is ordered to retrieve a rogue Saarebas and in doing so, is given a second chance at being a Ben-Hassrath. She meets Cairn, a templar and Nyree on her quest.

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