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Tallis' dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Tallis shares with the other companions and Hawke, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Mark of the Assassin[]

Tallis' remarks[]

(there is a bug some have encountered where-in if the Warden is a male elven mage, he may be mentioned as a female when discussing lothering)

Tallis and Hawke[]

  • Tallis: Is your family really from Kirkwall? I heard you were Fereldan.
  • Hawke: My mother's family is from Kirkwall. We left Ferelden during the Blight.
  • Tallis: Makes sense. Did you know the Warden?
  • Hawke: No. Someone even told me she/he came to Lothering. But if so, I never saw him/her.

(If the Warden was a human mage)

  • Hawke: No, but I understand s/he is a relative.
  • Tallis: Why am I not surprised?
  • Tallis: Champion of Kirkwall? Fancy title.
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) Not that fancy.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) The "Only One in Kirkwall not Completely Insane" was considered.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality): It was earned.
  • Tallis: So do you get a stipend? They let you rule the city?
  • Hawke:
    • (Diplomatic) I'm not sure someone can rule that city.
    • (Humorous) They gave me a medal. It's shiny.
    • (Aggressive) Not yet.

(If Hawke flirted with Tallis)

  • Tallis: Are you married?
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) Is that a proposal?
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Performing a survey?
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) Why?
  • Tallis: It's just you're the Champion of Kirkwall... Big. Important. I don't know.
  • Tallis:
    • (To a male Hawke) Just wondering if there is a little woman behind your throne.
    • (To a female Hawke) Just... wondering if there is a husband behind the throne.

(If Hawke currently romances one of them and is present)

  • Anders: Yes, who is behind your throne, Hawke?
  • Isabela: Yes. That's a very good question, isn't it?
  • Fenris: A fine question.
  • Hawke: Let's keep moving.

(If Hawke romances Merrill)

  • Merrill: Are there any thrones in your mansion, Hawke? All the chairs are so small.
  • Hawke: Oh Merrill.

(If not)

  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Not unless I stowed the body there.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) No.
  • Hawke: Just how long has this wyvern hunt been going on?
  • Tallis: It's an annual tradition the Montforts began to keep the population down. They breed quickly.

(If Hawke is romancing Fenris)

  • Fenris: Elves too. We're plucky that way.
  • Tallis: Well there's no annual elf hunt. Yet.
  • Hawke: And the Orlesian nobility is only too happy to help out?
  • Tallis: It's a game. The Montforts are close to the empress, so anything that pleases them is worth pursuing. Plus you should really try the aquae lucidius. You'll be seeing purple dragons in the sky for days.

(If Carver is in the party and it is completed in Act 1)

  • Carver: For days? Really?
  • Hawke: Don't even think about it, Carver.
  • Carver: You never let me have any fun.

(If Carver is in the party and it is completed after Act 1)

  • Carver: And you'll be completely useless the whole time.
  • Hawke: I don't even want to ask how you know.

(If Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: Forty crowns a bottle on the black market. Not that I've checked or anything.
  • Hawke: For a slaughtering ground, it's actually rather pretty.
  • Tallis: The Montfort family inherited this mountain from a clan of Nevarran dragon-hunters. Well, maybe inherited is the wrong word. What do you call it when you kill someone in order to get all their stuff?

(Diplomatic Hawke)

  • Hawke: Murder?
  • Tallis: Profitable murder, maybe.

(Sarcastic Hawke)

  • Hawke: Adventuring!

(Aggressive Hawke)

  • Hawke: Tuesday.
  • Tallis: Watch out. There may be ghasts.
  • Hawke: From a hole.
  • Tallis: Cave, technically.
  • Tallis: Watch out! Big-hat ghast!

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: (Snickers) Ghast hat.


  • Hawke: Big hats are never good!
  • Tallis: Is that... wyverns mating?
  • Hawke: Could we mimic that?
  • Tallis: No! Oh, the sound. Right, yes, I can try that.

(During the Orlesian party, when clicked)

  • Tallis: I see several men who might be captains in the duke's guard. One of them should have a key.
  • Hawke: And how do you propose we get it from them?
  • Tallis: How else? We ask nicely, and tell him we'll give it right back.
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Orlesians are such pleasant people.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality): Remind me why busting down the door isn't an option?
  • Hawke: More Qunari!
  • Tallis: Tal-Vashoth!
  • Hawke: You know what I mean!

(To Baron Arlange as a female Hawke)

  • Tallis: You do realize this woman has nasty little thugs like you for breakfast, I hope?

(Sarcastic Hawke)

  • Hawke: Only when we're out of pancakes.

(To Baron Arlange as a male Hawke)

  • Tallis: You do realize this man could beat you like a rented mule with both hands tied behind his back?

(Sarcastic Hawke)

  • Hawke: A rented mule would smell better.
  • Tallis: You let him go? That was.. very merciful.

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: That's Hawke. "Merciful."

(If Merrill is in the party)

  • Merrill: Hawke is nice to everybody! Well, not bandits and skeletons and things. But everyone else!

(If Aveline is in the party)

  • Aveline: We only slaughter ninety percent of the things we meet.

(If Anders is in the party)

  • Anders: That's not a bad word, you know.

(If Bethany is in the party)

  • Bethany: That's one way to put it.

(If Carver is in the party)

  • Carver: You say that like it's a bad thing.
  • Tallis: We should go to the chateau. Time to practice your table conversation.
  • Hawke: And my Orlesian accent!

(If you take the direct approach to going through Chateau Haine)

  • Tallis: I came here to stop needless death, not to cause it.
  • Tallis: What if there are others? I can't turn back now.
  • Hawke: Speak up please, some of us are hard of hearing.
  • Tallis: Are you really?
  • Hawke: No.
  • Hawke: I guess the good news is with all this extra time I could learn to knit.
  • Tallis: Could you make me a sweater?
  • Hawke: No.
  • Tallis: (Sighs)

(Said if you bring only one companion instead of showing the cutscene where Hawke's companions are looking for them)

  • Tallis: So, any ideas on how to get out of here?
  • Hawke: I would turn into a dragon, but I'm all out of swamp witches.
  • Tallis: Aww. To think I passed a vendor on the way to Kirkwall. They were on sale, too!

(After Tallis opens the bars)

  • Hawke: You could have done that sooner.
  • Tallis: I wanted to talk.

(If Hawke flirted with Tallis)

  • Tallis: So you could go. There are, however... other options.

(Sarcastic/humorous Hawke)

  • Hawke: Coming on a bit strong, there, Tallis. We've only just met.
  • Tallis: But we've been through so much together! Wyvern hunts, betrayals, daring escapes from prison...
  • Hawke: You're right. I'm feeling so close to you right now.
  • Tallis: (Laughs) So it's true what they say about you.

(If Hawke currently romances one of them and is present)

  • Isabela:
    • (To a male Hawke) Oh it is. Trust me.
    • (To a female Hawke) She likes rogues. Rivaini rogues especially.
  • Fenris: Evidently.
  • Anders: Amazing, isn't it?
  • Merrill: What do they say? Nice things, I bet.
  • Hawke: So what now? You aren't just going to leave, are you?
  • Tallis: (Chuckles) You think I would fit into your merry entourage?

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: Let's see... are you possessed? Consorting with demons? A pathological liar?

(If Aveline is also in the party)

  • Aveline: I am none of those things.
  • Isabela: Can you run five miles carrying a cow over your head?
  • Aveline: That's better.
  • Tallis: I have six toes on my left foot.
  • Isabela: Eh, close enough.

(If Hawke flirted with Tallis and their romantic interest is in the party)

  • Hawke: That's what you do for a friend.
  • Tallis: I can honestly say I'm a little jealous of you right now.
  • (Variously:)
    • Isabela: Well, there's a lot of Hawke to go around. You just have to ask me nicely.
    • Merrill: Oh, don't be jealous! Well... alright, be a little jealous.
    • Fenris: Just keep your distance.
    • Anders: Jealousy never hurt anyone... much.
  • Tallis: Hmm. (Sighs)

Tallis and Anders[]

  • Tallis: So these are the hunting grounds.
  • Anders: What are we supposed to do? Beat the bushes with sticks?
  • Tallis: We just need to look for signs, and be careful. We get this over with, we get into the keep.
  • Hawke: And that's where the jewel is?
  • Tallis: That's where the jewel is.

(After first encountering ghasts)

  • Hawke: What in Andraste's name were those?
  • Tallis: Ghasts. Cave creatures. They don't come out much on the surface though.
  • Anders: Maybe they were out gathering hunters.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Anders: So, the Qun, huh?
  • Anders: You just... woke up one day and decided "what I really need in life is a big guy with horns telling me everything I should think?"
  • Tallis: Believe me, it wasn't that quick.
  • Tallis: Haven't you ever looked at the world and wondered where the justice is? The equality?
  • Tallis: In the Qun, everyone is welcome. Elves, humans. It doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from, there's a place for you.
  • Anders: Unless you're a mage.
  • Tallis: You won't find that anywhere in Thedas.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Anders: You realize that Qunari make the Circle of Magi look like a pleasant vacation.
  • Tallis: Yes.
  • Anders: And you're all right with that?
  • Tallis: It doesn't make me believe in the Qun any less.
  • Anders: But you think it's all right for them to sew up a mage's mouth or cut out his tongue?
  • Tallis: Right this second I do, yes.

(If Hawke is in a relationship with Anders and flirts with Tallis)

  • Tallis: I can honestly say I'm a little jealous of you right now.
  • Anders: Jealousy never hurt anyone. Much.

(If Hawke asks Tallis to join the party)

  • Anders: Oh, think of the conversations! What brand of zealotry shall we discuss today? I don't know, there are so many options...
  • Tallis: You're not a very nice person, are you?
  • Anders: You asked if you'd fit in.

Tallis and Aveline[]

  • Aveline: They would do better to hunt these closer to farmland. They must be a plague on anyone with livestock.
  • Tallis: The sooner we get the hunt over with, the sooner we'll be at the château to finish this.

(After some hunters make remarks about wyverns during the hunt)

  • Aveline: Waste of time.
  • Tallis: Just ignore them.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Aveline: So you're a spy.
  • Tallis: Not by profession, but yes.
  • Aveline: What do you mean? What's your role under the Qun?
  • Tallis: The Ben-Hassrath are enforcers. We protect the faith and the innocent.
  • Aveline: Enforcer makes you more templar than guard.
  • Tallis: Sure... let's go with that.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Aveline: So, you willingly joined? Didn't they invade your homeland?
  • Tallis: I like the way you say homeland. It's obvious you care for yours.
  • Tallis: Tevinter conquered mine generations ago. Why would I owe them allegiance over the Qun?
  • Aveline: It's not the same. It seems like... joining the darkspawn.
  • Tallis: But on the bright side, no taint.

Tallis and Bethany[]

  • Tallis: So you're Hawke's sister.

(During Act 1)

  • Bethany: Did she tell you that?
  • Tallis: Not at all. You think someone can't tell?
  • Bethany: What do you mean? We're nothing alike! Or, at least I don't think so...
  • Tallis: You're adorable. I wish I'd had a sister like you.

(If Bethany is a Circle mage)

  • Bethany: The mage who went away, yes.
  • Tallis: Many families have them.
  • Hawke: And are proud of them.
  • Tallis: It shows.

(If Bethany is a Grey Warden)

  • Bethany: I was. Before I got the Blight.
  • Hawke: Bethany.
  • Bethany: Oh, right, sorry. Everything's just like it always was. Better?
  • Tallis: Not especially. Never mind.

Tallis and Carver[]

  • Carver: Why can't we ever meet any normal people?
  • Tallis: I'm normal!
  • Carver: You jumped off a roof and stabbed a man in the back.
  • Tallis: In a completely normal fashion!
  • Tallis: So you're Hawke's brother.

(During Act 1)

  • Carver: Yes. Carver. Carver Hawke.
  • Tallis: I usually have to try a lot harder to annoy someone. What's your issue?
  • Carver: It's nothing that an outsider need worry about.
  • Tallis: Well, cold stares for everyone, then.

(If friendship)

  • Carver: We still admit that, on occasion.
  • Tallis: But you're on good terms.
  • Carver: This second? I suppose so. The day's young, though.
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) We're fine. Just... different.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) He'll bugger it up yet.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) It won't last.

(If rivalry)

  • Carver: That is a common accusation.
  • Tallis: Strained, then?
  • Carver: We're on different paths.
  • Hawke:
    • (Diplomatic) Bit of an understatement.
    • (Humorous) With a lot of swearing, usually.
    • (Aggressive) He's an ass.

Tallis and Fenris[]

(Entering the Hunting Grounds - West for the first time. If Carver is in the party, this banter does not occur.)

  • Fenris: "Manservant."
    • Anders: (Snickers)
    • Aveline: Oh, buck up.
    • Isabela: Aww. Fenris got his feelings hurt.
    • Merrill: I'm certain he didn't mean anything by it, Fenris.
    • Sebastian: Don't take it personally.
    • Varric: Should be elfservant, if you think about it.
  • Tallis: It's only a cover.
  • Fenris: I'd like to cover him with six feet.

(After some hunters make remarks about wyverns during the hunt)

  • Fenris : Hunting for sport. Is it wrong of me to cheer for the wyverns?
  • Tallis: Just ignore them.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Fenris: You escape a life of servitude and oppression only to join a society of absolute obedience and servility?
  • Tallis: I'm not oppressed. I serve because I wish to.
  • Fenris: In the manner they dictate. And on pain of death.
  • Tallis: You make it sound so senseless.
  • Fenris: Voluntarily giving up your freedom is senseless.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Fenris: Shok ebasit hissra. Maraas shokra.
  • Tallis: Are you testing me? That's so cute!
  • Fenris: Do you know what I said or not?
  • Tallis: "Struggle is an illusion. There is nothing to struggle against." But your accent is terrible.
  • Fenris: (Grunts)

(If Hawke helps Tallis)

  • Fenris: So we are helping the Qunari.
  • Tallis: I told you, there are many innocent lives at stake as well.
  • Fenris: And how many "innocents" have the Qunari slaughtered? Bah.
  • Fenris: Mercenaries. A sign of your man I presume.
  • Tallis: Tal-Vashoth. Like Salit, but for sale. He must be close.

Tallis and Isabela[]

  • Tallis: So these are the hunting grounds.
  • Isabela: Do we need a lure? What do wyverns like?

(If Aveline is also in the party.)

  • Aveline: If we're lucky: slutty pirates.
  • Isabela: Or prudish man-virgins, maybe?
  • Tallis: We just need to look for signs, and be careful. We get this over with, we get in the keep.
  • Hawke: And that's where the jewel is?
  • Tallis: That's where the jewel is.

(After some hunters make remarks about wyverns during the hunt)

  • Isabela: And here I thought Orlesians only hunted other Orlesians for horrendous crimes against fashion.
  • Tallis: Just ignore them.
  • Isabela: Can I just imagine that wyverns are small, completely non-poisonous bunny-like creatures?
  • Tallis: Not unless you picture it eating you.
  • Isabela: Spoilsport.
  • Tallis: The sooner we get the hunt over with, the sooner we'll be at the Chateau to finish this.
  • Tallis: Are you married?
  • Isabela: Why do you ask?
  • Tallis: I was just wondering if you had a husband behind your (throne?)
  • Fenris: That is an excellent question!
  • Isabela: Lets get a move on shall we?
  • Tallis: Watch out! Big-hat ghast!
  • Isabela: (Snickers) Ghast hat.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Tallis: What?
  • Isabela: Lies, betrayal, leading us here to die...
  • Tallis:And you thought you could do it so much better?
  • Isabela: I would never... well, yes. I would. But there's only room for one backstabbing rogue in this party, elf.
  • Tallis: I apologize. From now on, that position is all yours.
  • Isabela: Good. Just so we're clear.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Tallis: So you were the one who stole the Tome. Did you read it?
  • Isabela: In between running for my life? Of course I read it.
  • Tallis: Ah, sarcasm is one of the demands of the Qun, did you know?
  • Isabela: No, it's not.
  • Tallis: So you did read it, then.

(If Isabela is romanced.)

  • Tallis: I've struggled to find that peace, that certainty. I know it's there, I just... keep falling short.
  • Isabela: Maybe you should take that as a sign?
  • Tallis: I used to be like you. I told myself if I never cared about anyone or anything, I could never be hurt. Life would be fun.
  • Tallis: But it wasn't. There was a hole inside me. Nothing I did ever filled it.
  • Isabela: Oh, that's too easy.
  • Tallis: Not everything should be easy. Don't you wonder what it would be like? A life with meaning, with purpose?
  • Isabela: I... have a purpose. I have Hawke.
  • Tallis: Lucky you.

Tallis and Merrill[]

  • Merrill: How did you learn to do that thing with the knives, Tallis?
  • Tallis: Throwing them?
  • Merrill: Yes. Isabela does that sometimes, too. How do you keep it from hitting someone hilt-first and just bonking them on the nose?
  • Tallis: Oh, that happens all the time, actually. You just act like you meant to do that. Which is really hard sometimes and ruins the moment.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Merrill: Do the Qunari treat elves well, then?
  • Tallis: They treat elves like anyone else.
  • Merrill: But they do such terrible things. I thought...
  • Tallis: Elves are not exempt. We all pay a price for freedom. Ask yourself if the price an elf pays here is better or worse.
  • Merrill: I don't want to think about it.
  • Tallis: Eventually all of us will have to.

Tallis and Sebastian[]

  • Tallis: So these are the hunting grounds.
  • Sebastian: Are there truly wyverns here? Not just servants dressed up in wyvern suits?
  • Tallis: Supposedly. Not that I've ever seen one, though.

(After some hunters make remarks about wyverns during the hunt)

  • Sebastian: They should use dogs to flush them. Wyverns tend to, ah, defecate to drive away pursuit.
  • Tallis: Just ignore them.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Tallis: So just how good are you with that bow?
  • Sebastian: Eh? There's been no complaints.
  • Tallis: So if I put an apple on my head, could you shoot it off?
  • Sebastian: Considering what you've led us into, I don't think that would be wise.
  • Tallis: (Sighs) You people are so touchy.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Sebastian: So, what were you before?
  • Tallis: When I was a little girl, I liked to pretend I was a dragon.
  • Sebastian: I mean... were you raised in the Chantry? Among the Dalish?
  • Tallis: When I grew up, the Imperial Chantry was the only option. They don't have much use for elves. Or anyone who's not a magister.
  • Sebastian: Then they weren't representing the will of Andraste. The Maker has a place for everyone.
  • Tallis: So does the Qun.

Tallis and Varric[]

(Entering Hunting Grounds - West for the first time)

  • Tallis: So these are the hunting grounds.
  • Varric: I take it we run around randomly shouting, "Here, wyvern wyvern wyvern!"

(After some hunters make remarks about wyverns during the hunt)

  • Varric: You want to just stand back and watch? Should be good for a few laughs."
  • Tallis: Just ignore them.
  • Tallis: Last name Tethras, right? I've heard of that clan.
  • Varric: Get out! Nobody's heard of Clan Tethras.
  • Tallis: My father owned a dwarven sword with a Clan Tethras rune on it.
  • Varric: Huh. Must have been Dusan. He was a smith. Tried to become Paragon, ended up poisoning himself.
  • Tallis: Really?
  • Varric: He was terrible at intrigue. Forgot which goblet he'd put the poison in. Wasn't finished gloating to his enemy when he keeled over.
  • Varric: I think the family always had a sense for terrible drama.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Varric: All right, Shivs, I'll admit it: I'm surprised the Qunari employ thieves. They never struck me as the subtle type.
  • Tallis: That's because you've only met the antaam. Armies aren't usually celebrated for their sneakiness. Also, "Shivs?"
  • Varric: Yes, "Shivs." So, how does stealing valuables from a pompous Orlesian noble fit in with your Qun?
  • Tallis: "The eyes don't own the light, the mouth does not own the breath." Things are just things to the Qun. They belong to everyone.
  • Varric: Even the Tome of Koslun? That was worth starting a war over.
  • Tallis: The Tome isn't a thing anymore. It's a soul, a purpose. Like Bianca, but with pages.