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Alternate options Edit

I can't quite recall what it is exactly, but if the Bard was our lover than you can either take him back or reject him. Those options should be added if someone finds the specifics. StillAlive (talk) 15:38, December 19, 2014 (UTC)

The alternate options are as follows (I couldn't edit the page, I keep getting errors):
1. Kiss him
You've missed him.
-> This will restore the Bard as your lover.
Warm welcome
He returns your welcome, his careful hands cradling your face. "Sweeter than an Amaranthine red," he declares afterwards.
"Good job I wasn't alone in the woods when the Knight took me, eh?" He says, with the grace to look sheepish. "I'm glad my...travelling companion was able to get word to you. You know what the so-called 'Lord of the Forest' had me doing? Penning a ballad called 'The Shame of Serault'. He's obsessed with it. Both the event and the man. Thinks of nothing else."
2. Greet him frostily
You haven't forgotten his dalliance with the peasant girl. The one with the ringlets.
-> You will not take the Bard back as your lover. Instead you will gain Authority.
Parochy (talk) 20:24, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

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