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I've found a bug in the XBox 360 version of the game with Wynne's "mothering" regarding your relationship with Morrigan/Leliana. I had romanced Morrigan and then Leliana started doting on me and I told her "let's just be friends!" When I talked to Wynne she started asking about my relationship, I got a couple options:

"You mean Leliana"
"You mean Morrigan"

It seemed as if no matter which one I chose, the conversation proceeded to assume I had chosen Leliana. I'm not sure if this is fixed or due to the fact that my relationship chat with Leliana occurred after that with Morrigan (even though I shot her down). Tivadar 03:12, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

Wynne & Alistair convo?Edit

The conversations between the two regarding her son, do those two actually take place if the warden is a mage? I remember in my first playthrough with a mage (before the first patch) I could've sworn that he said "of all the mages... you have to be one of the few/two(not sure which)..." but ever since the patches, I haven't heard this one at all? is it approval based? or does it just not happen if the warden is a mage

Wynne Dialogue Bug Edit

There seems to be a dialogue bug with Wynne, if you spare Loghain and have Alistair and Annora marry and rule jointly.

When in camp, she delivers her normal spiel about "things coming to a head" in reference to final battle with the Archdemon. She mentions that you and Alistair are the only two Grey Wardens left in Ferelden, even though Alistair has left you and Loghain is now with you in camp as one of "the last two Grey Wardens."

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